Feeder Watchers

You don't need to brave the elements to participate in the Austin Christmas Bird Count! You can sit in the comfort of your own (or a friend's) home and count the birds that come to the feeders. You don't need to watch your feeders all day or even continuously for your data to count either. One hour or ten, we want your counts!

There are five things that you must do as a feeder watcher: 
  1. The feeders you intend to watch must be within the “count circle”, an area defined by a 15 mile diameter circle centered at McKinney Falls State Park. A map of the circle is located on the Austin CBC website here.
  2. Contact the Feeder Watch coordinator once we have one or email us at austincbc@gmail.com to sign up as a feeder watcher. 
  3. Identify and count all individuals of all species that visit your feeder on the day of the count. Record only the highest number seen at any one time. For example, if a single Northern Cardinal visits your feeder, then later two visit, and even later three show up at your feeder, your count for Northern Cardinals will be three – the highest number to visit at one time. Record the total hours spent observing your feeders. It is not necessary to be at your feeders for the entire day, or even continuously. 
  4. Record just the time spent watching. One hour or ten, we’re still interested in receiving your data! 
  5. Submit your results to austincbc@gmail.com as soon as you have finished your observations.
Shelia Hargis,
Dec 11, 2015, 6:17 PM