Here is a link to an INTERACTIVE MAP of the entire Austin CBC Circle. This map is a much more current version than the static maps below and it allows you to zoom in and out. Check it out!

Area 1 North

Leaders: Carlos Ross

Area 1 South

Leaders: John Maresh

Area 2 North

Leader: John Muller

Area 2 South

Leader: Rob and Bryce Hardway

Area 3

Leaders: Paul Sunby, Kenny Anderson

Area 4

Leader: Joe Jandle

Area 5

Leader: Ed Fair

Area 5 River

Leader: no access this year

Area 6

Leader: Eric Carpenter

Area 7 North

Leaders: Michael Jewell, Janel Nye

Area 7 South

Leader: Ray Heitman

Area 8

Leader: Carroll Price

Area 9

Leader: Bill Reiner

Area 10

Leaders: Paul Fushille, Laura Zebehazy

Area 11

Leaders: Jane Tillman, Ken Zaslow

Area 12 West

Leader: Shelia Hargis

Area 12 East

Leader: Connie Madia

Area 13

Leader: Tyler Miloy, Byron Stone